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Wenbiao Chen chenwb at
Thu Nov 21 13:51:43 EST 2002

Two post-doctoral/research associate positions are available 
immediately to study the molecular basis of retinal development 
and function in zebrafish.  We use retrovirus-based forward and 
reverse genetics approaches to identify genes important for the 
retina, and employ a variety of modern methods to understand the 
mechanisms by which those genes function.  Current projects 

1) characterization of several retinal mutants identified in a large 
insertional mutagenesis screen,  

2) development of more efficient insertional mutagenesis 
approaches to identify additional genes. Candidates should have 
background in molecular techniques and developmental biology.   

Experience with zebrafish is a plus. To apply, please send CV with 
cover letter and a list of references to:  

Wenbiao Chen, PhD.
Vollum Institute, L474
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: (503) 494-4915
Fax: 	(503) 494-4534
Email: chenwb at

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