Virtual Zebrafish Volume of Developmental Dynamics

Stephen J. Moorman Stephen.Moorman at
Mon Oct 14 12:42:45 EST 2002

As many of you know, AAA=B9s Developmental Dynamics journal 
published a special issue of peer-reviewed research papers on the 
Zebrafish in December 2001. To make this issue readily available 
to the scientific community, they were posted in a "virtual" online 
Zebrafish issue.  

This issue has been updated to include all Zebrafish articles 
published in Developmental Dynamics so far this year.  This virtual 
issue will be expanded as AAA continues to publish additional 
original research articles and reviews on a wide range of Zebrafish 
development in the months and years to come.  

You can access this ever-expanding Zebrafish issue at:
h_t o c.html  

Save this link and check it occasionally for future updates.

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