Breeding zebrafish

Greg Dutton duttong at
Tue Oct 15 13:26:26 EST 2002

Hi, my name is Greg Dutton from the Ransom lab at Oregon Health 
Sciences University.  About 5 months ago our lab obtained a stock 
of ABC strain fish from the facility in Eugene (birthdate 9/11/01).  
We are having a great deal of trouble getting these fish to lay eggs. 
Our water quality is good, light cyles are never broken, and we feed 
the fish brine shrimp twice per day.  We put a male and a female in 
a small cage to breed them.  I was wondering if perhaps the 
feeding regime could affect the laying of eggs or if you had any 
suggestions about how to set the fish up for breeding.  We're 
running out of ideas, so any you might have would help a lot. 

Thanks very much,  


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