breeding zebrafish again

Greg Dutton duttong at
Wed Oct 16 16:03:36 EST 2002

Hi again, I got a lot of great responses to my last e-mail (Breeding 
zebrafish, Oct 15) about our difficulties breeding our fish, but I 
realize that I need to be more specific.  We house our fish in 9 liter 
tanks, with blue lids (to discourage algae growth) and constant 
running water.  The water quality is pH 7, temp of 27-28C, and 
500uS conductivity.  Males and females are housed separately.  
They are fed brine shrimp twice a day.  To breed the fish we put 1 
male and 1 female in a small (5Lx4Wx3H, inches) clear plastic 
tank with an insert with slots for the eggs to fall through.  These 
breeding tanks are separate, individual tanks and do not have water 
flowing through them. Our system was installed last March by 
Aquatic Habitats.  At the moment we have only strain of fish - 
ABC, from Eugene, OR.  All of the fish we have in our system are 
the offspring of the original batch of ABC we obtained from Eugene. 
 Of note:  the water in our system is 27-28C and the water in the 
breeding tanks reaches 24-25C during Thanks,  


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