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Igor Dawid idawid at nih.gov
Wed Sep 25 18:16:50 EST 2002

Postdoctoral Position in Developmental Biology

A postdoctoral position is available in the in the group of Igor Dawid 
in the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, NICHD.  This research 
program is focused on the mechanisms development in the 
zebrafish and in Xenopus.  Molecular and genetic approaches are 
applied to questions such as the establishment of initial embryonic 
polarity, the control of gastrulation, and the specification and 
differentiation of distinct cell types during organogenesis.  Signal 
transduction, in particular in the FGF and Wnt pathways, are a 
focus of interest.  The laboratory is applying genomic techniques 
through expression screening, the development and application of 
radiation hybrid mapping, and the application of DNA microarray 
techniques.  Additional information about the research programs of 
the laboratory can be obtained from the web site 

Please send application to 

Igor Dawid
Building 6B, Room 413
Bethesda MD 20892, USA
e-mail idawid at nih.gov 

NIH is an Equal Opportunity Employer 

Igor B. Dawid NIH, 6B/413 Bethesda MD 20892 301-496-4448 (Ph) 
496-0243 (Fax) http://dir.nichd.nih.gov/lmg/lmgdevb.htm  

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