Zebrafish Behavioral Experiments

Gabriel Cohen GCohen03 at sidwell.edu
Thu Sep 26 09:45:03 EST 2002

I am a member of the 21st Century Biology class at Sidwell 
Friends School in Washington, DC. As you know, we have a 
zebrafish experiment which is currently up and running, with 
breeding beginning next week. We plan to carry out the standard 
genetic procedures and observe the embryos throughout 
development, and then present on what we have learned at the 
SFN Conference in Orlando. We did, however, want to pose one 
question to you. So far, we have been unsuccessful in finding 
behavioral experiments to carry out with our zebrafish. We were 
wondering if anyone has any suggestions with this type of 
experiment in mind. Thank you for your time.  

Gabe Cohen
Sidwell Friends Class of 2003

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