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Conference Jacques Monod:
"Form and function in developement and disease"
June 14-18, 2003, La Londe les Maures (French Riviera)

organized by Michel Labouesse (Strasbourg) and Philip Ingham 

The objectives of the conference are to explore basic developmental 
processes at the cellular or functional level, with an emphasis on 
discussing how tissues and organs get their shape, how axons reach 
their targets and how they are held together to make a functional 
animal. The meeting will be organized around five major topics: 
"Physiology", "Stem cells", "Brain and the nervous system", "Cell 
growth, cell cycle and cytokinesis", Cellular processes in the animal", 
and "Organogenesis". We invite people interested by these topics to 

The invited speakers include :

Laurent S=E9galat (Lyon), Adam Antebi (Berlin), Steve Farber 
(Philadelphia), Daniel Louvard (Paris) , Jules Hoffmann (Strasbourg), 
Julie Ahringer (Cambridge), Christian Lehner (Bayreuth), Michael 
Glotzer (Vienna), Evelyn Houliston (Villefranche/mer), Fiona Watt 
(London), Jonas Frisen (Stockholm), Minx Fuller (Stanford), Angela 
Giangrande (Strasbourg), Barry Dickson (Vienna), Cori Bargmann  
(San Francisco), Erik Jorgensen (Salt Lake City), Alain Ghysen 
(Montpellier), Christine Petit (Paris), Markus Gonzalez-Gaetan 
(Dresden), St=E9phane Noselli (Nice), Michel Labouesse (Illkirch), 
Thomas Lecuit (Marseille), Michael Hengartner (Zurich), Derek 
Stemple (London), Helena Edlund  (Umea), Gerard Karsenty 
(Houston), Didier Stainier (San Francisco), Phil Ingham (Sheffield), 
Mar Ruiz-Gomez (Madrid)   

Further info and online registration can be found on

The deadline for registration is April 15.

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