Midwest Regional Zebrafish Meeting

Robert K Ho rkh at uchicago.edu
Wed Apr 9 14:30:34 EST 2003

We are beginning to plan for the Midwest Regional Zebrafish Meeting 
to be held in Chicago on the University of Chicago campus during 
September 11-13, 2003.  We are hoping to get some feedback on the 
likely number of attendees.  We ask that any interested labs contact us 
by e-mail and please give us an estimate of the number of people likely 
to attend from the lab and the number of people that might be 
interested in giving either a talk or poster presentation.  We will use 
this information to determine the length of the meeting, the need for 
housing on campus, the compilation of a mailing list and an estimation 
of costs for the meeting.  Any suggestions would also be welcome.  
Please forward your information to <rkh at uchicago.edu> and include 
the title "zebrafish meeting" in the subject header.  We hope to hear 
from you soon and look forward to seeing you all in Chicago. 

Robert K. Ho, Associate Professor 
University of Chicago 
Dept. of Organismal Biology and Anatomy 
1027 E 57th Street 
Chicago, IL 60637 
tel: 773 834 8423 
e-mail: rkh at uchicago.edu  

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