eggs laid in middle of night

Carrie Jones cjones at
Thu Apr 10 15:36:34 EST 2003

We have not seen that here but if you use crossing cages you could try 
and put in dividers so the male(s) and female(s) are kept separated 
overnight.  We use a piece of acrylic cut to size.  Then in the morning 
when the lights come on pull these dividers and the fish should lay as 
usual.  Maybe trying this a couple of nights will get them back on 
schedule.  Good luck! Carrie  

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freemanm wrote:
> Ever since the daylight savings time change this week, our fish have
> been laying their eggs when the lights go off or in the middle of
> the night.  Does this happen in everyone's labs when the time
> changes?  Is there a good  way to convince the fish to lay in the
> AM, with the lights.  
> Thank you,
> Megan Freeman
> Megan Freeman
> Research Assistant toDr.Mark Voigt
> M211
> Saint Louis University

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