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Christina Quasarano ceq at
Mon Aug 25 12:27:00 EST 2003

Hello everyone,

Here at BU, my lab will possibly be expanding to a much larger facility.  
We are encountering a few small problems in the process though.  Our 
Administration is expressing their ideas of wanting this facility to house 
ALL  aquatic facilities on the medical campus, including other fish and 
aquatic species (frogs, turtles, etc etc).  They would also like to put the 
facility under the control of the Lab Animal Science Center.  My 
question is, how are your facilities run?  Do you allow different aquatic 
species to share the same room? Washers? Water supply?  Do you 
have a Lab Animal Center that is in charge of your facilities or is all 
responiblity soley on the lab itself?  I know that any type of animal can 
cross contaminate others.  We have many fears as to what could 
happen by exposing our fish to other animals (and vice versa). I would 
appreciate anyones opinion and experiences on this matter.  Thank 
you very much!  

Sincerely, Christina Quasarano

Christina Quasarano
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Lab of Sleep Physiology 
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