FYI: Zebrafish as a model system in neurobiology I

Soren Andersen soren at
Tue Aug 26 11:35:47 EST 2003

Dear Zebrafish Researchers,

Methods in Cell Science has a special Issue devoted to Zebrafish 
coming out in November at the Society for Neuroscience's Annual 
Meeting, and entitled:"Zebrafish as  a model system in neurobiology I". 
It is a diverse Issue, documenting some of the many techniques and 
exciting experiments, beyond genomics, possible with Zebrafish.  

I edited this Issue, and the table of contents for "Zebrafish as a model 
system in neurobiology I" is shown below.  

Soren Andersen



List of contributors

Soren S. L. Andersen

1) Zebrafish as an experimental model: strategies for developmental
and molecular neurobiology studies Authors

2) Neural fate analysis in Zebrafish using olig2 BAC transgenics

3) Neuron-specific gene manipulation in transparent Zebrafish 

4) Practical procedures for ectopic induction of gene expression in
zebrafish embryos using Bhc-diazo-caged mRNA Authors

5) Identifying axon guidance defects in the embryonic Zebrafish brain

6) Assessment of neuronal maturation and acquisition of functional
competence in the developing Zebrafish olfactory system Authors

7) Zebrafish retinal slice preparation

8) Whole-cell patch clamp recordings from identified spinal neurons in
the Zebrafish embryo Authors

9) Double labeling of neurons by retrograde axonal tracing and 
non-radioactive in situ hybridization in the CNS of adult Zebrafish

10) Using adult Zebrafish visual system to study Cadherin-2 
expression during central nervous system regeneration

11) Immunocytochemistry as a tool for Zebrafish developmental
neurobiology Authors

12) Comparing protein stabilities during Zebrafish embryogenesis

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