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Hi Christina,

Sometime back, a member of our staff did a preliminary zebrafish 
tagging study (injection and retention) with the injectable Visible 
Implant Fluorescent Elastomer (VIE) tagging system produced by 
Northwest Marine Technology (306-468-3375, As 
I recall, it worked quite well.  

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On Friday, December 12, 2003, at 09:43  AM, Christina Quasarano 

> hello all,
> We are looking to tag zebrafish on their dorsal fin.  The fish have
> been isolated for a period of time and will be put together to track
> behavior. In order to know who's who we want to tag the fish.  Our
> idea involves light plastic colored beads attached to some type of
> string attached to the dorsal fin.  Does anyone have any previous
> experience in doing things like this?  Could you give me any advice
> on how to tag the fin, what to use so not to harm the fish once
> tagged? Thank you!
> -Christina
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