Quality control of RT-PCR from encephal of Dicentrarchus labrax

Fabio Di Benedetto FabioDB at katamail.com
Tue Feb 11 17:26:06 EST 2003


I'm a simple Biomedical Laboratory Technician, i've some experiences 
about PCR for diagnosis of some Human dieses, but now i'm going to start 
to work in a laboratory of fish patology and  i know  almost nothing about 
fishes. My new duty is to set up a protocoll for diagnosis with RT-PCR of 
Nervous Necrosis Virus (VNN) from encephal of Dicentrarcus labrax. "It's 
not very difficolt" probably becouse there are many papers about it, but i've 
a big problem for the quality control of capacity to amplify (to elongate) of 
the RNAs extracteted from the samples . I need of sequensis of RNA of 
Dicentrarchus l. that can be used for a amplify control of all samples of 
encephal. I hope to do a multiplex with the primers of the controll and the 
primers of VNN RNA together but if isn't possible i can anyway to plan 2 
separate PCRs. It's important to reamark that the  primers of VNN of 
Dicentrarchus can be used also for VNN of Umbina cirrosa and Sparus 
aurata so a control that can be used also for this fishes would be perfect . I 
hope to be clear and that someone that work with Zebra fishes (or with 
fishes or with knowledges about RT-PCR) will be able to help me. Thanks  

(P.S. This mail was send also to bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts)
Fabio Di Benedetto FabioDB at katamail.com

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