Making Brine Shrimp last

Christina Quasarano ceq at
Mon Jan 6 13:21:20 EST 2003

Hello everyone!

I have a question about keeping brine shrimp for extended period of 

My co-workers and I are trying to create a way to have a supply of 
brine shrimp for 30+ days that we would not be allowed to come in 
contact with.  The Brine shrimp will be fed to Zebrafish on a daily 
basis (which we will also not be able to come in contact with).   

Does anyone have any ideas or preferences of a food supply?  I 
have read about microalgae, de-fatted and micronized rice- bran, 
Brewers yeast, chicken manure and homemade feeds.  Does 
anyone have a homemade recipe that might be appealing.  I 
apprecaite any info or help.  Thanks!  

Sincerely, Christina Q

Christina Quasarano
Research Assistant,
Chemical Hygiene Officer 
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
Phone # (617)638-4187

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