ZIRC position

Timothy Mason mason at uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Thu Jan 9 20:07:48 EST 2003

Research Assistant

The successful candidate will oversee and participate in the design, 
implementation, and maintenance of bioinformatics database 
systems to aid in acquiring, tracking, and distributing materials and 
services at the Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC).  

The functions and responsibilities of this position will include, but 
not be limited to, the following:  

1. Manage, design, evaluate, and integrate data management 
systems that support the distribution of materials and services 
provided by the ZIRC. The ZIRC distributes biological materials 
including live zebrafish, DNAs, and antibodies, as well as 
information on zebrafish husbandry, diseases, and techniques for 
studying genetics using the zebrafish model.  

2. Collaborate closely with ZIRC staff researchers and scientists to 
tailor the systems to staff needs.  

3. Plan and coordinate projects including documentation and 
instruction of techniques for information gathering, retrieval, and 
distribution at the ZIRC.  

4. Conduct usability testing and present reports on the viability of 
proposed changes to the data model.  

5. Work with current ZIRC information technology staff to 
implement strategies for gathering, retrieving, and distributing data 
gathered at the ZIRC.  Train staff members to help with data model 
design and implementation.  

6. Manage the workgroup responsible for ZIRC data gathering and 

The successful candidate will have excellent and proven skills in 
the areas of information gathering, retrieval, and delivery systems, 
including, but not limited to, personal computers and their 
respective operating systems, hand-held devices, web 
technologies, data management, and systems management.  
Specific technologies include Mac OS X (Unix) Server, Windows 
OS, Macintosh OS, Palm OS, FileMaker Pro, PHP, and HTML. 
This position requires excellent communication skills. The 
candidate should have experience with workgroup projects that 
includes setting and meeting deadlines, motivating coworkers, and 
documenting and presenting projects. Minimum qualifications 
include: Bachelor's degree 2 years experience maintaining a data 
management system 3 letters of recommendation  

Salary from $35,000 per year depending upon experience.  

Apply to: Ellen McCumsey, Neuroscience Department, University 
of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403. Phone number 541-346-3191, FAX 

Applications received by January 31, 2003, receive priority.  

The University of Oregon is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-action 
institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the 
Americans with Disabilities Act.

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