pH and Conductivity of water

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Hello Christina

To some extent water chemistry parameters are a personal 
opinion.  The fish will breed in a wide range of water chemistry.  
With every system being different what works in one systems 
doesn't work as well in another.  My preference is to provide as 
stable of an environment as possible.  

I like to keep our systems in-between a pH of 7.4 to 8.2 with a 
conductivity of 500 uS.  It is also important to keep your water well 
buffered.  I keep the alkalinity or carbonate hardness (kH) in the 80 
to 120 ppm as CaCO3 or 5 to 7 degrees kH range.  You can 
maintain you alkalinity with Sodium bicarbonate (Baking soda) or 
my preference is Aragonite.  I add aragonite to our fluidized sand 
filters as the buffer and dose a salt solution of Ca, Mg, K, Na 
chloride salts to 500 uS.  

I keep the alkalinity and pH on the higher end as it keeps the water 
quality parameters in a steady state.  If the pH falls below ~7.4 in 
our systems it will continue to drop rapidly (over several days). 
When it is in the 7.8 pH range it is steady for weeks.  

Please feel free to email or call me if you have any other questions.

Best Fishes
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>question.  This is about the pH and <{{{>Conductivity of the water in
>the tank system.  Out water is at a pH <{{{>of ~7.3 and a
>conductivity range of ~130-150 microns.  I have been <{{{>told that a
>lower pH (~6.5-7.0) and conductivity range at 300-500 <{{{>microns. 
>Which is the correct?  What do others use?  Any info <{{{>can help!
>Thanks! <{{{> <{{{>Sincerely, Christina Q <{{{>
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