tank growth

Bob Wagner VMD bwagner+ at pitt.edu
Tue Jan 21 17:51:56 EST 2003

The University of Pittsburgh is setting up a large (~5,000 tank) 
zebrafish facility. We have 2 Aquaneering stand alone racks that 
we are using as quarantine to derive stock for the larger fish facility 
proper. The 2 tanks have been up and running for months now with 
no problems. But I am just starting to notice a yellowish slimy 
buildup on some of the water feeder tubes to some of the individual 
tanks. The fish appear healthy and water quality is good except 
that PH is running a little high (~8). On wet mounts the slime is a 
combination of protozoa, filamentous bacteria and possible algae. 

Does anyone know what this is likely to be? Should we be 
concerned or should it be treated? If needed I would be happy to 
send someone a tube with this stuff on it.  

Bob Wagner VMD

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