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Wed Jan 22 12:14:42 EST 2003


(comparative genomics or devo-evo)  

A position as "Assistent Professor" (equivalent to an assistant 
professorship in the US) (government SALARY SCALE BATIIA/C1) 
in the Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz is 
available immediately.  

The person we are looking for should work on current research 
topics in the fields of either molecular evolution/phylogenetics, 
comparative genomics, and/or the evolution of developmental 
mechanisms. The position is for a Ph.D. biologist, ideally with prior 
postdoc experience.  A total of three research groups, two of which 
are headed by an Assistant Professor each representing their 
particular subdisciplines of evolutionary biology, make up the 
Evolutionary Biology group (Lehrstuhl Evolutionsbiologie) in the 
Department of Biology.  Besides the group of Axel Meyer, one 
Assistant position is currently filled with Dr. Gerrit Begemann who 
is working on zebrafish development.  

Excellent opportunities are available in terms of space, equipment, 
departmental facilities and annual financial support from the 
University of Konstanz for research expenses.  The lab has state-of-
the-art facilities for molecular biology, including 2 ABI 3100, a 
pipetting robot, a DNA-chip reader, etc.  The taxonomic emphasis 
is open, however; work on fishes, particularly the zebrafish and 
cichlid fish model systems is favored. Space in a modern animal 
care facility is available.  The University of Konstanz and the 
Department of Biology in particular are among the most highly 
rated institutions in Germany and provide a lively and academically 
outstanding research environment.   Konstanz is a lovely historic 
town located on Lake Constance on the border to Switzerland. 
Appointments are initially for two to three years, and are renewable 
for up to six years, with an annual salary (depending on age, 
children and marital status) of approximately  54,000 Euros (about 
56.000 US$) before taxes. Habilitation is possible, and some 
teaching (English or German) is required.  

Additional information can be obtained from axel.meyer at uni-, (tel.+49 7531 884163, fax  + 49 7531 883018) or 
directly from our WWW page, where you can find information on 
our research interests and recent publications.  

The University of Konstanz is an equal opportunity employer. 
Applications including a statement of research interests, a full CV, 
and names and email addresses of 2-3 referees, should be emailed 
to axel.meyer at  

Applications should be received before January 31, 2003, but we 
will continue to review applications until this position is filled.

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