Raising larval fish

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Wed Jan 22 20:16:23 EST 2003

Hi Greg,

My first thought would be that they aren't getting adequate food or 
you have poor water quality. Can you see that the fish are eating 
the plankton (i.e, can you see it in their gut post feeding)? What 
kind of densities are you keeping and what kind of water changes 
are you doing? Have you checked water quality for ammonia and 
nitrites? Hatching and feeding brine shrimp is pretty straight 
forward and may improve your survival. I can send you some 
information if you are interested. You are also welcome to come 
see our procedures if you are in the area. Good luck, -Jen  

On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 09:57  AM, Greg Dutton 

> Hi everyone.  We've been having trouble recently with the survival
> of our larval fish.  They seem to do okay up to about 3 weeks, at
> which point they rapidly die, leaving only about 20%-30% survival.
> In some cases all of the fish die.  We've been feeing them twice a
> day with Argent artificial plankton and housing them in AHAB 2.75L
> tanks once they reach an age of 7 days.  Prior to that we keep them
> in E3 in petri dishes.  Does anyone have any suggestions about food
> and/or conditions that might help boost survival? Thanks very much,
> Greg Dutton
> Oregon Health Sciences University
> (503) 494-9483
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