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Position Title: 	Research Assistant
Location & Contact:	
                          Human Resources
                          Ms. Kara Marshak
                     The Rockefeller University
                           1230 York Ave
                      New York, NY 10021-6399
                        Tel. (212) 327- 8302
                         FAX (212) 327-8699
               E-mail marshak at

Date To Start: 	May, 2003

Job description:

A multidisciplinary research group that studies the cellular and 
molecular basis of hearing and balance is looking for a technician 
to run a state-of-the-art zebrafish facility with 1,200 tanks.  The 
responsibilities will include the breeding and rearing of zebrafish, 
maintaining the facility, assisting with genetic studies, and training 
group members in aquaculture.  

Skills required

The successful applicant must have a bachelor's degree in the 
biological sciences, preferably in marine biology, animal science, 
or aquaculture. Reliability, motivation, and strong organizational 
skills are necessary; prior experience with zebrafish husbandry 
would be a plus.  

Research environment

The Hudspeth research group is investigating how hair cells, the 
sensory receptors of the internal ear, transduce mechanical inputs, 
such as sounds and accelerations, into electrical signals to the 
brain.  Members of the group are employing anatomical, behavioral, 
biochemical, biophysical, electrophysiological, embryological, 
genetic, and molecular-biological techniques.  The recent 
development of zebrafish as an experimental model system offers a 
unique opportunity to investigate the genetic basis of hearing 
disorders, which affect nearly one in ten Americans.  The applicant 
will participate in an ongoing genetic screen of zebrafish for 
mutations that affect the ear and the lateral-line organ. All 
members of the group meet weekly to discuss research plans and 
results and to review recent findings from other laboratories.  

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Beth Dougherty
The Rockefeller University
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New York, NY 10021
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