Fly problem

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Tue Jul 1 14:27:51 EST 2003

Dear Maggie

Flies are a product of food detritus and water, and having appeared, 
are hard to get rid of, thus a minmising of both is the first thing to do.  

Keeping every surface clean and dry which can be kept clean and dry 
is the first thing, so tanks should always be washed immediately they 
are emptied for rotation, and all surfaces possible, such as the floor, 
should be kept dry.  (Floors are prime hosts for eggs if they are not 
kept clean and dry.)     

If you make sure there is no food left on the covers after feeding, and 
hose the housings out regularly, all of which takes only minutes, I think 
you will find that when the food and waste are flushed out the flies have 
nowhere to eat.  

One of the systems you have there is a very early one, before lots of 
advances in design, so it is not as easy to hose down the shelves as it 
is on the later generations.   

Guy Burn
Sales Manager
Marine Biotech 

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One of our investigators has a large room with 10 racks of zebra fish. 
The racks are 5 years old and are marine biotech shelf overflow 
design. He has bug zappers in the room, and the room is in a 
university basement.  There are no open windows anywhere, but we 
have a fly problem.  Need suggestions for getting rid of flies.  Thanks!  

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