Zebrafish Research Scientist/Technician

Lalita Ramakrishnan lalitar at u.washington.edu
Mon Jul 14 10:40:06 EST 2003

Zebrafish Research Scientist/Technician Position (University of 
Washington, Seattle)  

Lalita Ramakrishnan's lab at the University of Washington, Seattle is 
looking for a person with a Bachelors degree in an area of biology or 
an Associates degree in fish and wildlife.  This person will be in charge 
of a small fish facility, provide technical support to the lab and will also 
have the opportunity to perform independent research in the broad 
area of host immune responses to Mycobacterium marinum, the agent 
of fish tuberculosis.  The research will involve micro-injecting bacteria 
into zebrafish embryos and detailing the host-pathogen interactions by 
DIC, fluorescent and video microscopy.  This exciting research has the 
potential to elucidate why individuals respond differently to infectious 
agents such as those causing tuberculosis. We are also starting to 
perform genetic screens to identify embryos that are more or less 
susceptible to fish tuberculosis and you will have the opportunity to 
participate in this screen.  We are looking for a responsible, diligent 
individual who enjoys working with fish. Some fish husbandry 
experience is required and some combination of experience with 
zebrafish, collection and rearing of embryos, squeezing embryos, EP 
screens, and microscopy is highly desirable.  

We are a smallish, friendly and enthusiastic group and our lab has 
stunning views of the water in the exciting city of Seattle.  If you are 
interested, please write to lalitar at u.washington.edu  with your CV and 
three references.  


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