2003 West Coast Zebrafish Meeting

Chi-Bin Chien chi-bin.chien at neuro.utah.edu
Fri Jul 18 17:31:56 EST 2003

Dear zebrafish community,  

Registration is now open for the Second Biannual West Coast 
Zebrafish Meeting, to be held Sept 12-13, 2003 in Salt Lake City. The 
deadline for registration and abstracts is August 15; however, please 
register early (even if you don't submit your abstract until August 15). 
We have had a lot of interest and would like to get a rough head count 
early on.  

Information and registration are at the meeting website:  


If you have problems or questions, please email them to: 
westcoastzebrafish at neuro.utah.edu  

Hope to see many of you in September!  

Chi-Bin Chien 
chi-bin.chien at neuro.utah.edu  

Rich Dorsky
Richard.Dorsky at hsc.utah.edu

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