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Dan Goldman neuroman at
Wed Jul 30 11:54:53 EST 2003

Postdoctoral Positions Available
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

2 postdoctoral positions are available to study CNS development and 
regeneration in zebrafish.  We have developed a transgenic model for 
studying CNS development and regeneration by using the alpha 1 
tubulin promoter to drive EGFP expression.  These fish exhibit 
transgene expression specifically in the developing and regenerating 
CNS.  2 postdoctoral projects are available.  One involves mapping 
cis-acting regulatory elements mediating alpha 1 tubulin promoter 
activation during CNS development and regeneration; characterization 
of the transcription factors that bind these elements; and 
characterization of the signal transduction cascades that regulate 
these transcription factors.  The second project involves using our 
transgenic fish in a mutagenesis screen to identify genes mediating 
alpha 1 tubulin gene induction during CNS development and 
regeneration.  This project involves screening for mutants, 
characterizing their phenotype, mapping mutant genes and studying 
their function during CNS development and regeneration.  

Interested candidates should send their CV with research statement 
and 2-3 references to:  

Daniel Goldman
Mental Health Res. Inst.
Univ. of Michigan
205 Zina Pitcher Place
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
neuroman at

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