Automated Sorting of Zebra Fish Eggs/Embryos/Hatchlings

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Automated Analysis & Sorting of Viable Zebra Fish Embryos

Dot plot showing sorted mixed population of D. rerio embryos. Live 
embryos are collected in multi-well plates, dead eggs are sent to a 
recovery container.  

Researchers may now more effectively use zebra fish in even large-
scale investigations such as in screening campaigns of large drug 
libraries or genome-wide searches and selection of mutations. Union 
Biometrica, Inc. now provides an instrument, the COPAS XL, for the 
automated, high-speed analysis and sorting of zebra fish eggs, 
embryos, and hatchlings based on size, optical density, and presence 
of fluorescent markers. This instrumentwill be demonstrated at the 
upcoming 3rd European Meeting for Zebrafish and Medaka 
Development and Genetics as well as several regional meetings 
throughout North America.  

By automating the current, time consuming manual processes, this 
level of throughput permits setting up over 15,000 wells of zebra fish in 
an assay in an 8-hour day. As a demonstration of the capabilities of the 
COPAS XL, over 3000 live zebra fish embryos were detected and 
sorted from a mixed population using the COPAS XL with >99% 
accuracy (data shown left) in approximately one hour.

Please contact us today to schedule a personal live demonstration of 
this instrument at the European Meeting for Zebrafish and Medaka 
Development & Genetics held June 11 - 14, 2003. 

~Unable to attend the show? Simply email us at sales at 
or call +1.617.591.1211 for more information. CLICK HERE to add 
your name to our list to recieve future zebrafish sorting application 
notes and events.  

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