No eggs/embryo from zebrafish

Andrew Nartey anartey at
Fri Jun 13 18:37:09 EST 2003

I've been unsuccesful for the past month in trying to get eggs from our 
zebrafish. I feed them brine shrimp everyday and change their water 
3x/day. For water I dechlorinate normal tap water and add Sodium 
bicarbonate  and optimise Ph to 7 (with Hcl). I have not got any results 
as of date and I'm getting a bit disappointed. I  would like to know if 
there are any known  fish water recipes (using tap H20 and  not 
Distilled or  RO water). I would also like to know how breeding is done . 
I currently use the breeding dish method (in tank) and have been 
unsuccesful. Any kind of help or comment will be very much 


Andrew N.
The Kings University College 
Edmonton, AB

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