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Dear Researcher 

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the new features Genes,
Brain and Behavior has to offer in its second year of publication and
to ask for your continued support by submitting research articles,
short communications or reviews to one of the forthcoming issues of
the journal.  

Genes, Brain and Behavior is a new journal publishing top quality
research in behavioral and neural genetics in its broadest sense. The
emphasis is on the analysis of the behavioral and neural phenotypes
under consideration, the unifying theme being the genetic approach as
a tool to increase our understanding of these phenotypes. Papers
include research on a variety of organisms including, humans, flies,
worms and zebrafish.  

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Now in its second year of publication, Genes Brain and Behavior, is
pleased to be able to offer the following features from 2003:

*  6 issues per year 
*  online submissions at  <> with first editorial decisions
 within 3-4 weeks and fast publication at Blackwell Publishing 
*  Increased visibility through its coverage by Current Contents and
 other major abstracting and indexing services 
*  Inclusion in the Blackwell library consortia deals and licensing
 agreements, resulting in extended readership to thousands of
 international libraries and institutions 
*  A large and varied editorial board comprising of international
*  Online Early available later in 2003

In addition to this, Genes, Brain and Behavior is indexed in the
Science Citation Index from Volume 1 and will be listed in the 2002
Journal Citation Reports to be published in the summer of 2003.  

For more information on these features, <http://www.blackwell- 

please click here to read "Genes, Brain and Behavior: Entering its
Second Year", an editorial by W. E. Crusio.  

The editorial team are committed to maintaining and improving the
standard for future issues. Ensure you are in the best of company, and
submit your next research, short communication or review article to
Genes Brain and Behavior! Detailed instructions of how to submit are
available at  

Please be aware that you can keep up with all the latest articles
publishing in Genes, Brain and Behavior by registering for FREE e-mail
alerts at You'll receive an e-mail
each time an issue is published, containing hotlinks to the FREE
online abstract of each article. Once you have registered as a Synergy
user, go to "My Synergy" via the upper menu bar, click the blue tab
called "E- mail Alerts" and follow the instructions on that page.  

Genes, Brain and Behavior is the official journal of IBANGS 
<>  - International Behavioural and Neural 
Genetics Society.  

Thank you for your time

Alison Brown

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