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Second call for papers: A special Issue of Developmental Dynamics 
will be devoted to the zebrafish and other teleost models. The issue will 
include review articles from leaders in the field, and promises to be of 
significant impact to the community. Under new leadership, 
Developmental Dynamics is committed to publishing papers of central 
importance to the vertebrate development community.  Researchers 
are invited to submit papers to Developmental Dynamics for a special 
zebrafish/teleost edition of the journal to be published in October 2003. 
Papers should be submitted by or before May 15, 2003 for 
consideration. Research Articles, gene and protein expression 
patterns, or articles describing new techniques of broad impact are 
welcomed. Ideas for appropriate reviews are also encouraged. 

Manuscripts should be submitted online at, and instructions to authors 
can be found in the journal or at: 

For further information, please contact any of the following editors: 
Gary Schoenwolf (Editor-in-chief) (devdyn at, Hazel Sive 
(sive at or Didier Stainier 
(didier_stainier at For review ideas, please send a 
brief outline of the goals of your review to: 

John Fallon (Reviews Editor) 
(jffallon at

Special issues and all reviews published in Developmental Dynamics 
are available free to all at:

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