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I would look at adult nutrition.  If the adult diet is not adequate, you will 
get poor egg quality, poor larval survivability and low or zero fecundity.  
We use a dry diet with high omega 3 fatty acid and vitimine C content.  
Good diets do have a short shelf life (usually < 90 days) and using old 
feed with oxidized fatty acids (rancid fats) will create reporductive 


Christina Quasarano wrote:
> Hello all!
> OK so my fish dont wanna mate for me... there is one male that knows
> what to do, I usually mate him with the two other females in his
> tank and they produce about 70-100 eggs.... I even place him in
> other mating cages with different females.  Usually the females dont
> know what to do... I watch him court them, but usually there are no
> eggs after (there have been sometimes and the quality/quantity of
> them are iffy). Does anyone have any little hints or tricks that I
> should try... I am giving them fresh system water a lil while after
> I remove the divider and it still doesnt help much at all.  Any help
> would be great. Thanks!  
> Sincerely,Christina Quasarano
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