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Tue May 13 16:50:32 EST 2003


A group of us are constructing a facility at the University of 
Pittsburgh and our system is almost in place.  One item still under
debate is which breeding tank to purchase.  We aren't pleased with
what is currently available.  We discussed our ideal breeding tank
with LPS and they have been willing to come up with an optimal 

Please read the following message and request a PowerPoint file 
outlining the design if you are also considering purchasing breeding 

Dear Zebrafish Researcher,

A PowerPoint presentation of a new Zebrafish Breeding Tank that is 
currently being made by Laboratory Products Sales, Inc. is available 
upon request. LPS, Inc. has worked with zebrafish scientists at the 
University of Pittsburgh and Cornell University to incorporate features 
that have been lacking in the breeding tanks currently available. The 
tanks, as described in the presentation, are made of polycarbonate, 
which makes them extremely durable, autoclaveable and acid 
(Uracid/Urid) wash resistant.  

The purpose of this email is to find those in the Zebrafish community
that might be interested in the LPS, Inc. breeding tank. By purchasing
as a community, we would be able to provide the best possible pricing:

2,000   @ $14.50 per tank
5,000   @ $13.00 per tank
10,000 @ $12.25 per tank

These are prices that will be offered to the community, not just a single
lab (for example, 10 labs purchasing 1000 tanks would all get the
10,000 tank price off $12.25).  This opportunity will afford even the
smallest labs to purchase at the large quantity pricing.  Please
contact Nick Pezzuolo if you are interested in obtaining more
information on this new and improved Zebrafish Breeding Tank.  I can
be reached by the following means:

Nicholas A. Pezzuolo
Laboratory Products Sales, Inc.
1-800-388-0166 x40
Nick at

Paul Ulanch

University of Pittsburgh
Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry
Pittsburgh, PA  15261

pulanch at
wk (412) 648 9483
fax (412) 624 1401

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