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Kerstin Jekosch kj2 at
Wed May 14 10:13:04 EST 2003

The Sanger Centre is pleased to announce the VEGA (Vertebrate 
Genome Annotation) database release ( ).  

As the sequence of zebrafish and other vertebrate genomes are about 
to reach finished quality, clones and chromosomes have started to be 
manually annotated.  This follows the established pattern of ongoing 
curation of annotation for mature genome sequences by model 
organism databases such as WormBase and FlyBase .VEGA is 
designed to be a central repository for manual annotation of vertebrate 
finished genome sequence.  

VEGA attempts to present consistent high-quality curation of finished 
sequence, following standards developed at the HAWK workshops. 
Currently annotation is available 168 finished clones from Zebrafish .  

The VEGA site allows the user to view and search this set of high 
quality sequence data. In particular the VEGA site shows the 
experimental homology evidence cited by curators to support each 
annotated transcript. VEGA transcripts are also provided as a DAS 

If you have extra information to improve the annotation, VEGA also 
allows you to send feedback. As the data is manually curated, it can be 
reviewed and updated frequently to give an up-to-date view of the 

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