breeding tanks

Dallas Weaver deweaver at
Wed May 21 10:07:26 EST 2003


Why don't you just bypass the whole "breeding tank" question an breed 
them in the system tanks?  It is far less work and without moving the 
fish, they spawn better.  I have some spawning trays that go into 
standard Aquaneering tanks.  Just put them in, pull them out and 
collect the eggs.  In the presentation at the WAS(World Aquaculture 
Society/ Aquacultural Engineering Society 2003 Ky -- zebra fish section 
) meeting, there are some photos of these spawning trays 

I do 1 to 10 pr. in the 2.7L tank and 50 pr in the 10L tanks.  With the 50 
pr. in a 10 tank, I could get an average of 4,000 embryos/day (a 20 day 
experiment, spawning every day).  

When doing pairs or trios of specific mutants, I just leave the pair in the 
tank and spawn then by adding the trays every 1 to 2 wks (timing = 
function of temperature and feed conditioning).  

The cost of breeding is in the labor cost and the effort of removing fish 
from a tank can cost a fortune for a lot of pairs.  


Paul Ulanch wrote:
> Colleagues,
> A group of us are constructing a facility at the University of
> Pittsburgh and our system is almost in place.  One item still under
> debate is which breeding tank to purchase.  We aren't pleased with
> what is currently available.  We discussed our ideal breeding tank
> with LPS and they have been willing to come up with an optimal
> design.

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