dissecting fish

quyenluu at telus.net quyenluu at telus.net
Tue Oct 7 10:11:03 EST 2003

To whom it may concern,

My name is Quyen Luu and I am a student at King's University College 
in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I am currently doing my senior thesis on 
zebrafish. My project is to build a tissue library by:  

#1.	Isolating RNA from variety of zebrafish tissue and whole 
#     (heart, kidney,gonads, brain, liver, fin, whole fish and eyes).  

#2. Make zebrafish multi tissue Northern blots.

#3. Analyze expression of various genes on these multi tissue Northern
#    blots by using gene fragments as probes. 

 Genes will be Foxe3, Foxc1, Pitx2, Pitx3 and possibly Sox1.


#4. Isolate RNA from specific eye tissue (embryonic whole eyes and 
# adult lens)  which is our tissue of interest.

#5. Produce cDNA librairies for specific eye tissue.

The reason I am emailing is because I have ran into a problem. 
Unfortunately I can't seem to find any information on how to dissect the 
zebrafish (adult and embryos). So I was wondering if there was any 
way that someone could help me out. Thank you for your time.

Waiting to hear from you,


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