fluorescence in culture media

Adam Rodaway adam.rodaway at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Oct 13 12:30:53 EST 2003

Hi All,

I've been attempting to culture embryonic explants, to do confocal on a 
GFP transgenic zf line. I've been following Tobias Langenberg's 
explant protocol, and the explants are surviving fine. However, the 
Leibovitz L-15 medium I'm culturing in is fluorescing in the green 
channel when illuminated for GFP, which is problematic.....  

I'm using Gibco/Invitrogen L-15 with L-glutamine and without Phenol 
Red, and I'm doing everything in glass.  

Has anybody else had this problem? Any solutions or suggestions will 
be gratefully received.  



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