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Yelick, Pam PYelick at
Fri Oct 24 10:06:01 EST 2003


A funded Post-Doctoral position will be available starting July 
2004 for a Ph. D or equivalent to study embryonic left-right 
asymmetry in zebrafish.  Ideal candidates will have experience in 
zebrafish and Xenopus embryology and molecular/developmental 
biology, and in microarray/subtractive analyses. The Forsyth 
Institute is a Harvard affiliated non-profit institution located within 
walking distance to the Harvard Medical School area, and with 
close proximity to MIT and MGH.  Please send cover letter, CV 
and 3 references with phone numbers to: 

Pamela C. Yelick and/or Mike Levin
Departments of Cytokine Biology and Harvard Department of Oral 
and Developmental Biology
The Forsyth Institute
140 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115
Ph:(617) 262-5200 X289
FAX:(617) 262-4021
email: pyelick at; mlevin at 

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