Genomes Fish, Aspergillus, Diatom new

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Tue Sep 9 10:30:58 EST 2003

Genomes Fish, Aspergillus, Diatom new gene-finding parameters for 
FGENESH suit  

A new parameter set for gene annotation in Fish, Diatom, Aspergillus 
genomes is presented for FGENESH program suit. Accuracy of coding 
region identification by Fgenesh is about 98% on the nucleotide level.  

New parameters can be used with: 

FGENESH / HMM-based gene structure prediction (multiple genes, 
both chains)  

BESTORF / Finding potential coding fragment EST/mRNA 

FEX / Finding potential 5'-, internal and 3'-coding exons

FGENESH+ / HMM plus similar protein-based gene prediction 

FGENESH_C / HMM plus similar cDNA-based gene structure 
prediction (multiple genes, both chains)  

FGENESH-2 / HMM gene prediction using two genomic sequences of 
close organisms (as Human and Mouse)  

the programs with parameters for major model organisms is available 
for on line usage at:
ubgro up=gfind 

Totally specific parameters of gene-finding is available for

Human, Mouse, Drosophila, C.elegans, Dicots (Arabidopsis), Nicotiana 
tabacum, Monocots (Corn, Rice, Wheat, Barley), 
Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Neurospora crassa, Plasmodium 
falciparum, Anopheles gambiae, Fish, Diatom, Aspergillus   

FGENESH is the fastest and most accurate ab initio gene prediction 
program available based on HMM approach.  

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