new zebrafish lab in Munich

Bettina Schmid Bettina.Schmid at
Wed Sep 10 09:55:04 EST 2003

Postdoctoral Research Position

A Postdoctoral Research Position is available at the Ludwig 
Maximilians University of Munich.  The Laboratory for Alzheimer's and
Parkinsons's  Disease Research at the Department of Biochemistry will
establish zebrafish as a model organism for neurodegenerative
diseases.  We are looking for outstanding young scientists with
previous zebrafish experience, and /or experience with the
dopaminergic system to establish zebrafish as a model organism for
Parkinson research.  

Please send applications to:  

Prof. Dr. Christian Haass
Department of Biochemistry
Schillerstrasse 44
D-80336 Muenchen
Tel: (+49-89) 5996-471/472
Fax: (+49-89) 5996-415
E-Mail: chaass at

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