Embryo availability

Dallas Weaver, Ph.D. deweaver at gte.net
Thu Sep 11 09:55:33 EST 2003

For those researchers who need embryos at > 24 hr stages and find 
that their breeders are not always spawning when you want them to 
spawn, it is possible to purchase live embryos delivered by FedEx.  We 
are spawning wild type every Monday and have large numbers 
available for shipment via FedEx to your lab by Tuesday morning.  

This service has been used by several laboratories to prevent a group 
of post-doc's from sitting around when the fish didn't spawn and by 
those who just didn't want to mess with maintaining fish and spawning. 
We have often been able to accommodate emergency orders as late 
as 4 PM  on Monday for delivery Tuesday morning.  

Thank You, 

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