Veterinary Services Involvement in zebrafish

Thomas Bartman thomas.bartman at
Thu Apr 1 10:10:00 EST 2004


I'm the first zebrafish person at this institution (Cincinnati Children's 
Hospital), and I'm having a bit of a struggle with the animal facility 
people here.  I came from a situation (which I assumed was typical) where 
the PI's lab took care of the fish room (feeding, maintenance, etc.) with 
intermittent Veterinary oversight, but here they are trying to force me 
into a model where they provide all the care, etc. in their main animal 
facility and charge me daily tanks rates for it (like they do with  mice).
 My problems are 1) they don't know what they are doing, 2) this  makes it
harder (or impossible) for me to control what is happening and 3)  they
charge me an arm and a leg for it.

I was wondering what is the norm at other institutions.  Can anyone reply 
to this to give me some data to argue with (also, any advice would be

1) What is the level of involvement of Veterinary Services in your fish 

a) they monitor but don't touch anything
b) they provide some care but not all (either feeding, system maintenance,
 room cleaning, etc.)
c) they do everything

(if b, can you tell me what they do?)

2) About how many tanks do you have (so I can tell if there is a
difference  between big and small labs)?

3) How much do you get charged for Vet Services involvement (even if they 
do nothing) (e.g. $1000 per year, $0.12 per tank per day, etc.)?

4) What institution are you at? (this will not be shared with anyone 
besides me - I don't want it coming back to haunt you).


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