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Thu Apr 8 02:37:00 EST 2004

Dear Zebrafish Community,

The following announcement from Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
may be of interest:

The Aquaculture Center for Training, Education and Demonstration (ACTED)
located in Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution's 60-acre Aquaculture
Development Park is pleased to announce upcoming workshops and training
opportunities. Students participating in our education programs benefit
from learning in an environment where our research projects and
production facilities are their training field. The facilities include
28,000 sq. ft. of hatcheries, nursery and grow-out systems that
incorporate recirculating technology with zero-discharge. For more
information, please email kriley at or visit our website at

New Workshops for 2004

Operation and Management of Laboratory Research Systems
May 4-5; October 7-8
Highlights holding systems for aquatic research animals that are used
extensively in laboratories conducting biomedical and biotechnology
research.  These recirculating aquaculture systems incorporate modular
racks and  tanks to culture species such as zebrafish, Japanese medaka and
Xenopus frogs.  Topics cover system design and operation, management of
water quality, biofiltration, disinfection, biosecurity and
principles of animal husbandry.  Please see the attached flyer for more

Microalgae and Live Feeds Culture
May 6-7, Oct. 5-6

Provides practical training to grow microalgae, rotifers, and artemia from
small- to large-scale cultures.  Hands-on activities include media
formulation, density measurements, inoculation techniques and sanitation
procedures.  An essential workshop for anyone working in a hatchery.

 The aquaculture research and production staff from Harbor Branch will
collaborate with staff from Aquatic Habitats to offer these workshops.
Don't miss out on this unique opportunity.  Register now --
participation is limited.

Best wishes,

Eric Herbst
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