z'fish questions - 2

Sivaraman, Lakshmi [USCRE/0925] lakshmi.sivaraman at pharmacia.com
Thu Aug 5 01:19:00 EST 2004

1.  Please recommend two other companies that synthesize morpholinos
besides GeneTools.  Need some justification for my selection of GeneTools
for these purposes.

2. Spatial resolution required to monitor e.g. neural crest migration in
z'fish (i.e. magnification of lens on confocal Axiovert 100M)?
Magnification of lens needed for microinjection.  Magnification of lens
needed for whole embryo imaging?

3. In what are the embryos placed to visualize and image using a confocal?

4.  Since my fish tanks are maintained at 28.5C has the breeding tanks
(which come with no heater etc.) also to be maintained at the same
temperature for breeding or is RT (25C) suitable?

Thanks as always for the help.

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