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Beth Roman blr4 at
Thu Aug 12 01:12:00 EST 2004


Postdoctoral position available immediately in the Department of Cell
Biology, Georgetown University Medical Center, to study zebrafish vascular
development.  Potential projects include defining the role of TGFb
signaling in vascular development, and investigating the role of a myosin
chaperone in aortic arch patterning.  Both of these projects have at their
core zebrafish mutants with defined genetic lesions that result in
angiogenic defects, and should lead to exciting new findings relevant not
only to vascular developmental biology but also to human diseases such as
Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (caused by deficiencies in TGFb
signaling) and human aortic arch anomalies.

A PhD in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, or a related field,
and expertise in Molecular Biology are required.  Developmental Biology
experience is preferred.

Interested qualified candidates should send (1) a cover addressing future
goals;  (2) a full CV; and (3) full contact information for three
references to:

Dr. Beth Roman
Georgetown University Medical Center
NW206 Medical/Dental Building
Washington, DC 20057

blr4 at (email applications preferred)

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