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Job description:

A group of ten zebrafish laboratories at the University of Utah is 
looking for a Facility Manager to run a state-of-the art zebrafish 
facility with 6000 tanks. The responsibilities will include breeding and 
rearing of zebrafish, maintaining the facility, hiring and training 
facility staff, and interacting with scientists using the facility on 
research projects.

Skills required:

The successful applicant must have an advanced degree (PhD preferred) in 
the sciences, preferably with experience in animal science or
aquaculture, and at least five years’ experience in a research
laboratory. Independent problem-solving skills, reliability, motivation, 
and strong managerial and organizational skills (including computer 
databases) are necessary. Salary will be commensurate with education and 


The zebrafish community at the University of Utah is a thriving and 
highly interactive group of laboratories, studying topics including  early
development, neural development, and olfaction. The labs meet  biweekly to
discuss their latest research. The University of Utah has a  strong
biomedical research community, and is located in a very liveable  city
with excellent quality of life.

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