[Fwd: fosmid library and vega]

Judy Sprague judys at vitalstatistix.cs.uoregon.edu
Fri Dec 17 10:21:00 EST 2004


New zebrafish Vega database released

The Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK, has released a new zebrafish Vega
database. It contains 3945 clones on chromosomal tile paths, 698 of which
have been manually annotated revealing 2345 genes. You can find the
database at http://vega.sanger.ac.uk/Danio_rerio.

DAS tracks

This Vega release now enables you to view Ensembl genes with the
finished clones that are contained in both the current Ensembl and Vega 
databases. In order to make them visible, please select them under 'DAS 
tracks' on contigview pages. You can also enable the display of Vega 
genes in appropriate clones in Ensembl in the same way.

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