new zebrafish assembly Zv3 ensembl released

Kerstin Jekosch kj2 at
Thu Feb 12 12:26:50 EST 2004

Zv3 Ensembl Release

The Sanger Institute ( is pleased to announce the 
second release of Ensembl on schema 19 at Zebrafish 19.3.2 features the zebrafish 
whole genome shotgun assembly sequence version 3, as released on the 
27th November 2003.  

In addition to the new assembly and genebuild, Zebrafish 19.3.2 

- SNP set from dbSNP 118
- New mapped EST database
- Additional homology data from the Compara database

For more details about the Zv3 assembly and the project as a whole 
please have a look at  

Please send your questions/comments to zfish-help at

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