Fish problem

Christina Quasarano ceq at
Wed Jan 14 11:13:28 EST 2004

Hello all,

My lab is having a little problem with our AB fish.  In the past week 3 of 
our very few AB fish have died, and in no way I have ever seen or 
heard of before.  What the situation has been is that these fish are in 
mating tanks as couples (1M/1F) and in the morning one of them is 
dead.  It looks like the scales and top layer of flesh on parts of the fish 
has dissappeared or disintegrated right down to the muscle tissue.  
What might be causing this?  Could the other fish be attacking the 
other? Or nibbling at the dead/sick one?  Any suggestions would help.  
Thank you!  

Sincerely, Christina

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Lab of Sleep and Circadian Physiology 
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