New GeneChip Zebrafish expression array now available

Hunner, Alicia Alicia_Hunner at
Wed Jan 21 17:12:12 EST 2004


I'm writing to announce the launch of the GeneChip Zebrafish Genome 
Array.  The community support on depositing sequence information 
into the public domain was a valuable contribution to this array project. 
We hope this tool will become an essential tool for expression work in 

Some facts on the Zebrafish Genome Array -over 14,900 Danio rerio 
transcripts -multiple oligo probes for each transcript (16 perfect 
match/mismatch pairs for each transcript) -compatible with any 
Affymetrix scanner -available in boxes of 5 (catalog# 900487) or 30 
arrays (catalog# 900488)   

Sequence information for this array was selected from the following 
public data sources: -RefSeq (July 2003) -GenBank (release 136.0, 
June 2003) -dbEST (July 2003) -UniGene (Build 54, June 2003).    

More information on the Zebrafish array can be found at:   

Alicia Hunner
Product Manager, Gene Expression
Alicia_hunner at

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