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IEO and IFOM are expanding and integrating their research activities. 
Our new campus will host up to 500 researchers and will be home to a 
newly created international PhD program. Central facilities include 
Animal Facility, Imaging, DNA and tissue microarrays, Proteomics, 
Antibodies, DNA sequencing, Bioinformatics. Open structure 
laboratories foster communication between groups. GROUP LEADER 
POSITIONS IN CANCER RESEARCH We are seeking excellent 
candidates for entry at two levels. Junior (tenure-track): several years 
of postdoctoral research and a proven track-record based on 
publications. Senior: all of the above, plus proven ability to manage a 
competitive research group. For seniors, tenure status will be 
evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We have open searches in the 
following areas: Molecular and Cellular Oncology Address for 
applications: search-oncology at ieo-ifom-campus.it Researchers active 
in any basic area of Cancer Research, including post-genomic and 
imaging technologies, structural biology, model organisms (other than 
the ones below), stem cells, cell signalling, gene regulation, cellular 
growth control, apoptosis, tumor immunology. Mouse Genetics E-mail 
for applications: search-mouse at ieo-ifom-campus.it Researchers 
using mouse as model system to study cancer and development. 
Zebrafish Genetics E-mail for applications: search-zebrafish at ieo-ifom-
campus.it Researchers using zebrafish as model system to study 
cancer and development. Bioinformatics E-mail for applications: 
search-bioinformatics at ieo-ifom-campus.it DEADLINE FOR 
APPLICATIONS: March 1st, 2004. Applications should be sent by e-
mail only and should include: CV, publication list, statement of 
Research Interests (max. 2 pages), names and e-mail addresses of 4-
5 referees. Applicants should ask referees to directly e-mail their 
letters. The IEO-IFOM campus is an equal opportunity employer. We 
encourage applications from women and will implement measures 
required to place all scientists in a situation of equal competitiveness.   

Dr. Monica Beltrame
Dip. di Scienze Biomolecolari e Biotecnologie
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