possible microsporidiosis infection

Jeffrey Hannah HANNAHJ at email.chop.edu
Wed Jul 7 08:37:00 EST 2004


I think some of my fish (Danio rerio) may have contracted
microsporidiosis.  Most appear healthy, but once they exhibit the
symptoms: lethargy and swimming in a disoriented manner, they soon die
afterwards.  It has been steadily killing them off over the past few
weeks.  I have spared a few of the healthy looking fish and euthanized the
rest of them.  From what I've read about it, it seems like a pretty nasty
and tenacious disease.  Fumagillin is the recommended treatment, but I
can't seem to find any distributors that carry it.  Do you know of any?
  Also, I'd like to breed some if possible.  However, since the parasite
may evade bleaching by hiding inside the eggs, what would you recommend
to avoid transmission to the offspring?  I was planning to bleach the
eggs, then, once hatched, treat them with fumagillin.  Would the
fumagillin be harmful to young fish? As for the adults, since the
parasite is often present in healthy-looking fish, should I separate
each fish to its own tank?   Any advice would help.
  -Jeff Hannah

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