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Internship for applied research in zerbafish (City University of Hong Kong)

An Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) supported intern is required to 
participate in an applied research project on developing pharmacology of
the  zebrafish embryos.  Eligible candidate should be a first-degree local
graduate  within the past twelve months from a local university. The
graduate should  have successfully completed the undergraduate programme,
and should be a permanent  Hong Kong resident or resident permitted to
remain in Hong Kong for not less  than 7 years. He/she should be a
graduate in the related field of this  project. The duration of the
internship is up to 12 months.  The remuneration for  intern will be up to
HK$9,000 per month.

Ph.D. studentship is also available on a highly competitive basis to
M.Phil.  graduates of any nationality.  The candidate should have
published in  international journals as first or second author.  He/she
should also be  fluent in English. The studentship is funded for 3 years. 
Currently, the studentship  remuneration is set at about HK$12,000 per
month.  Due to cuts in government  funding, deductions on studentship
remuneration is expected in the coming  years.
Interested candidates for both positions please write to:

Dr. S. H. Cheng,
Department of Biology and Chemistry, C
ity University of Hong Kong
(bhcheng at

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